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Welcome to a comprehensive introduction to the WTactics project. This page is the best starting point for anyone that is new to WTactics. This introduction outlines what the project is and how it is structured. When given a suggestion to read certain documents, we beg you to actually read those documents in the order they are given.

About WTactics

We’re creating a game that’s open source, free to play both on the table and online. We’ll give you the rules and high-resolution graphics of all the cards. We’ll keep you updated on the game’s development and invite you to participate in that development. WTactics is a game by players, for players, with the community in mind. We already have all the graphics. All we need is a ruleset, and that’s where you and your friends enter the scene as developers.

For tabletop play we’ll provide you with all the cards in various common high-resolution and high-quality formats such as PNG or PDF. You’ll be able to download them and print them out or, as we recommend, produce top-quality digital photographic versions by using a service that is to your liking. Once you have the cards, you only need to cut them out and put them in standard card sleeves.

What's in the box

  • high on strategy, low on luck
  • several unique factions and more than 120 unique units with their own traits and abilities
  • only 30 – 60 cards needed for a complete army
  • two players, an hour to play
  • no need for a board or special material
  • no collecting – we give you every card that exists
  • none of the ads, sign-ups, fees, etc. that many so-called “free” games lure you into
  • play for free, online or on the kitchen table

Get Acquainted

To get your bearings with the general idea of WTactics, take a look at these pages:


We invite everyone to participate in the development. WTactics will be in development and alive as long as there are people like you showing interest in the game. We're excited that you have shown interest in the project, and we hope you will help us. Our survival is in the hands of people that want to see this happen and are prepared to do some work. The number one rule in all open source projects is as true as ever: Want this done? Then either do it yourself or pay somebody else to do it.

If you are thinking about getting involved by joining an already existing team, you will need to read the following document in addition to those listed above:

  1. Project Philosophy

Get in Contact

There's a number of ways to contact us. Some of the best ways are, in given order:

  1. E-mail: contact at wtactics dot org
  2. E-mail: admin at arcmage dot org
  3. Our Forums: Join up and participate.
  4. Arcmage join form: get in touch
  5. Join our discussion on Discord