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We choose to wander the open source way with WTactics when we decided to use the GPL. One of the many reasons for why we did that was that we imagined that our work could be used in various ways and contribute to other projects no matter what the future would carry for us. This page is an attempt to gather different known examples of how our work has been used by others and somehow aided them in their ventures. Feel free to add something on the list if it is missing - we take great pride in people finding usage of our work and would love to read about it.

Computer games

Battle for Wesnoth

  • Has officially included some of our original art pieces into BfW as alternative portrait art, to be used by campaign makers etc.
  • Several non-official community created campaigns have utilised our art pieces.
  • http://wesnoth.org

Tales of War

Bt Builder

Card games

Card Armies: Battle for Wesnoth

Midgard - The battle card game

Role playing games

Lost Empires Roleplayign Game

  • Developed by Stan Shinn, Rogue Comet, LLC.
  • Easy to play RPG
  • Commericial
  • Co-financed some of our graphics and has the right to re-license them while we maintain them in GPL2 and later.
  • http://roguecomet.com/downloads/


  • Developed by Arne "Drak" Babenhauserheide
  • Easy to play RPG
  • GPL3
  • Mainly german
  • http://1w6.org/