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This page contains lists of miscellaneous quotes that, in part, cover certain types of critiques that could be directed towards the conventional CCG industry. They don't necessarily represent the views of the developers of WTactics and the people on this list are not in any way linked to our project. Please notice that this page is not in any way neutral or objective and that it doesn't list all those comments where people are perfectly happy with whatever the conventional CCG industry is doing. The developers of WT have all played and enjoyed several good commercial CCG:s. This is not a manifest against the conventional CCG industry: It's a testimony about certain aspects of it, and an attempt to raise a discussion that can be interesting in an open source game project such as WTactics.

About Costs of conventional CCG:s

  • "I've played CCGs before but gave them up because I pretty much felt ripped off financially by the whole experience."

~ James Palmer, Canada BGG

  • "Well right now I'm not buying cards because it's too expensive to keep up. So I'm not playing the game at all." ~ Jason Spears, USA BGG
  • "Having the gameplay tied to the purchasing model for a game is offensive. I would never scratch build an Agricola or an Awakening the Bear; I like the game, I buy it, I have it. But you can't buy Magic. Let everyone have access to the whole game and we'll see if it can actually stand on its own merits or if the purchasing model has infected the Design." Graham Smallwood, USA BGG
  • I now dump more money than I can admit to my wife monthly into WotC's coffers... ~ Ian McCarthy, USA BGG


  • "An exact figure on the price of the most valuable Magic: The Gathering card is unavailable, but collectors have paid $15,000 for lesser Black Lotus cards." ~Jermey, The most expensive Journal
  • "For now, it’s something like Efreet goes for $6000, Hurricane for $5000 and absolute primo Lotus might go for $4000+." ~crimson30, The most expensive Journal

Life span

  • "...with the card pool, the bad economy, and a general decline in CCG’s, we saw many players leave the game. In hindsight, it is also clear that many left because they were just ready to move on. The game was at its two year mark, which is longer than most CCG’s survive, and they were ready to go." ~Steve, Fantasy Flight Games

Banned Cards

  • "This, combined with the recent bans (which was a no-win situation because if we didn’t ban those cards, people still would have left), the lingering meta game issues, and a worsening economy, caused even more players to leave the game." ~Steve, Fantasy Flight Games


  • "...the collectible card game market has been in decline for some time with the market redirecting its focus on the core games of that particular hobby, making it difficult for any newcomers to enter into and compete in it." ~Jaffer Batica, Marketing Manager Fantasy Flight Games
  • "...the game never managed to find an adequate foothold in the already crowded and incredibly competitive hobby game market. As such, its sales could not and cannot support the long-term future of the game." ~Jaffer Batica, Marketing Manager Fantasy Flight Games
  • "We also made the decision to stop printing foil cards in an effort to hold down costs and minimize our losses." ~Steve, Fantasy Flight Games
  • "As painful as it is for me to say this, it is no longer viable for us to continue to move forward publishing the game. We have had significantly fewer than 1,000 players for over a year now, and the time has finally come to stop." ~Steve, Fantasy Flight Games
  • "Over the course of the past two years, we have had to accept the difficult truth that the CCG market was heading for collapse. Like it or not, the CCG market is defined by Magic: The Gathering plus a small handful of others that are primarily kid-centric, focusing on a few well-established cartoon properties and anime characters. It has become apparent that new CCG products don't have a fighting chance in this increasingly challenging market, no matter how excellent the game." ~ Fantasy Flight Games
  • "FFG is now officially out of the CCG business as the category has declined beyond the point where we can make it work for us. Only Magic and a very small handful of CCG’s are still viable in today’s market and nearly all of those others have a cartoon or anime behind them. We will instead focus on our other categories where we are experiencing much greater success, including our LCG category which has beaten our most optimistic expectations." ~Steve, Fantasy Flight Games


  • "A few of us got a bunch of copies done. Stuck them to land so they had the proper back, put in a sleeve, you seriously couldnt tell the difference. Even went into comps with em and no one was the wiser.. thats how convincing they were." ~Quan-Time, Overclockers