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  • Diaspora[2] (manually updated)
  •[3] (application for diaspora)
  • Google+[8] (no streaming, only buzz)

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Profile data

First name: WTactics

Last name: CCG

Nickname: WTactics(.)CCG



Occupation: Independent Computer Games Professional

Here for: Networking, Friends

About me: copy the content as good as possible

Interests: card games

Birth: 18. September 2009 or use 1900 if that's to young

Living: friends visit often

Looks: very attractive

Tags: #BfW #cardgame #ccg #fantasy #game #GPL #OpenSource #tcg #FLOSS #Wesnoth #LackeyCCG #octgn #octgn2

Location: internet

Please only use these if you are forced to:

Gender: female

Location: Malmö, Skåne Län, Sweden