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  • Translate and maintain the finished game from English into your language and as many languages as possible, even if they're not spoken by large groups.
  • We want to translate the game in an effort to: Offer it globally & create regional communities, as well as bring CCG:s to cultures that has seldom come in contact with them.

You are needed

  • We need help with translations of:
    • Our main pages of the site (About, FAQ, Downloads, Donations, Contact et.c. Not individual news items.) This is the most urgent task for translators and all help by you is very appreciated,
    • Card texts: Over 200 cards will need translation.
    • Rules: Once they're finalized, we need both the quick version & the comprehensive rules document translated.

If you know English and any another language and want to help please contact us at {contact at wtactics dot org} and tell us about yourself. Please also keep in mind translating well takes time and this should preferably be a longer term commitment, one which you would hopefully have as a hobby.

Know a language that already has a team below? We still need you! Visit the team's info page and contact us via mail at contact at wtactics dot org - we'd love to have 2-3 active translators in every translation team.


Here's a summary of how work has gone. Keep in mind all teams need new members, no matter what the status is.

Site translation completed

  • Swedish
  • German
  • Galego
  • Portuguese

Language Teams

Please help out by contacting us and joining a team, or form one yourself.

Pen.png German flag.png Italian flag.png
Polish flag.png Swedish flag.png Flag of Portugal.png
Galicia flag.png Spain flag.png Romania flag.png