Here’s the long long long road ahead

November 2016 (done):

  • Playable and stable rule set : the ARC (as stable as it can be)
  • 2 pre-constructed decks, a single factions deck and a multi factions deck
    • Gaian Love for Life (Gaia)
    • Uneasy Alliance (Red Banner & Dark Legion)

December 2016 (done):

  • First print-proof of the decks
  • Release Gaian Love for Life  and Uneasy Alliance deck for semi-public playtesting (to ourselves -the devs- and possible early adopters)

August 2018 :

  • First full draft House of Nobles deck : Toll of Time (done)
  • First full draft Red Banner deck: The Uprising (done)
  • First full draft Dark Legion deck: Shadow League (done)
  • First full draft Empire’s deck: Brothers in arms (In progress 75 %)
  • New arcmage logo (done)
  • New card back (done)
  • First draft/design of box (In progress 25 %)

September 2018:

  • Proof print of release candidates

October 2018 till February 2019

  • Extended playtesting (early developers/adopters)
  • Card rules revision

May 2019 – October 2019

  • First candidate for a complete set ‘Rebirth’
  • Public playtesting

October 2019:

  • Final rule revision

December 2019:

  • First public release