Cost Structure

Pricing info/cost structure


  • Boxes are hand made, it takes about 15 mins for one.
  • Cards are hand made rounded, it takes about 5 min to do a set.


  • Boxes are produced by batches to reduce the printing costs
  • Cards are printed on 350gr satin quadri recto/verso paper (by
  • Leaflets are printed on 130gr satin quadri recto/verso paper (by
  • One ‘Complete Set’ cost contains: card print cost, leaflet print cost, box print cost and box material cost
  • We take no sales-margin on the production costs, and our work is for free, however you could consider to sponsor us.

BatchNumber of itemsNumber of printsCost (excl tax)Cost (incl 21% tax)Single BoxPrice per card
Rebirth set, first print205700305.58 euro369.75 euro18.49 euro0.0648 euro
Rebirth box, first print3264 (lid+box)51.54 euro62.36 euro1.95 euroN/A
Rebirth box, material3264 (lid+box)28.01 euro34.00 euro1.06 euroN/A
Rebirth box, leaflet202025.31 euro30.63 euro1.53 euroN/A
Total set cost23.03 euro