a small donation




  • Have you seen our amazing artwork? Well that’s no coincidence.
  • Our artist is the only one getting paid a small fee for his work, all the rest of us are in it entire voluntary
  • When you acquire a box or a large set of cards you could consider to donate a small amount
    • A ‘well done’ : 3 euro
    • A ‘carry on’ : 10 euro
    • A ‘ half card’s artwork ‘ : 35 euro
    • A ‘card’s artwork’ : 75 euro
    • An ‘I want to contribute (my ideas and/or time)’ : priceless
  • When you’d like to become a premium sponsor, consider our crowd funding at liberapay
  • We pledge that the income will go solely into acquiring new card art, and that this art is given back to the open source community

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‘well done (3€)’, ‘carry on (10€)’, ‘half a card’s artwork (35€)‘, ‘card’s artwork (75€)’, ‘your time and/or ideas (priceless)’