• In short, you may play the game, duplicate it however you want, spread it and even sell it if you want to, but whatever you do you must always do it according to the GPL license(s) we use.
  • Breaking down the licensing into a more detailed manner reveals that:
  • In accordance with the license(s) all game related material released under the GPL(s) is available in it’s “preferred format(s)” either from this site and its subdomains or by personal request to us via e-mail should you not be able to find what you seek.
  • In some cases we are forced to use other licenses than the GPL. When that occurs it will usually still be very liberal and open licenses, such as for example the SIL license for font usage. Because of this you must, if you want to use anything that is related to our project, always take a look in the README-file that is often included in any directory or zip file containing materials licensed by us or by a third party. The README always contains the accurate licensing information for the piece of data which it is associated with.
  • Whatever information is on our site is overruled by what can be found in the README documents in our official trunk(s)/server(s) if the information would ever be contradictory.