Non-discrimination Policy

Last Updated: March 14, 2021


Today’s society is characterized by diversity. The principle of non-discrimination is one of the foundations of our democratic society. Nevertheless, different individuals and groups (such as minority or disadvantaged groups) are still too often confronted with discrimination in daily life. This policy is committed to equal treatment of all, which means the absence of any form of direct or indirect discrimination or harassment. With this policy, Arcmage want to send a signal that there is no place for discrimination within its organization, its users or its player base.


The Arcmage Board, its representatives, the members and the associate members of the Arcmage non-profit organization and the users and players of Arcmage games avoid any form of direct or indirect discrimination and the impression thereof.

The principle of non-discrimination is respected in recruitment, selection, assessment, remuneration, daily dealings with each other and in any other situation. Any form of undesirable discrimination or unequal treatment based on, among other things, age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, birth, property, religion or philosophy, political opinion, trade union belief, language, current or future health status, a disability, a physical or genetic characteristic or social origin is out of the question.

All members, users or players ensure that they do not engage in similar or divergent acts, statements or jokes (whether orally, in writing, by email or otherwise), whereby – possibly unintentionally – a person or group of persons for the sake of one of the above listed personal characteristics are systematically targeted.


(Although there’s no legal duty to report by Belgian law, its highly recommended)

All members, users or players are alert to discrimination when conducting their activities. If discrimination occurs or certain actions, conduct or measures entail discriminatory effects, this is immediately reported to the Arcmage Board or the designated confidential advisor. The member, user or player takes active steps to stop the discrimination.


Discrimination, violence, bullying or unwanted sexual behavior by members of the organization, users or players of Arcmage

Within 14 working days of taking note of the report that holds a member of the organization, a user or player responsible for discrimination, violence, harassment or sexual harassment, the Board will sanction this member in accordance with the provisions of this policy. This sanction will depend on the seriousness of the facts.

Possible sanctions are:

  • verbal notification
  • written notice
  • suspension of member, user or player
  • exclusion of a member, user or player (ratified by the General Assembly)

A member, user or player who abuses the complaints procedure can be sanctioned in the same way.

Discrimination, violence, bullying or sexual harassment by third parties

The organization confronts the concerned third party with their behavior, pointing out the general principle of non-discrimination and taking appropriate measures to prevent a repetition of the facts as far as possible. In case of demonstrable serious or repeated facts, the organization can request a written response from third party or immediately stop the collaboration. The written response of third party is also communicated to the victim (in writing). The organization does not exert any pressure on its own member, user or player if they wishes to file a complaint against the third party or if they wishes to initiate a claim in court.

Reporting criminal offenses to legal authorities

If criminal offenses are committed or suspected, this can be passed on to the legal authorities, with the consent of the victim. The organization does not exert any pressure on the victim to grant or refuse this consent.

Some provisions are inspired by or taken over from the non-discrimination code for the (Belgian) social profit sector and / or the Social Charter for the (Belgian) Media sector.