In the Media

While we’re still trying to operate under the radar, we’re slowly getting noticed. Here are some citations for Arcmage. Feel free to drop a line on our discord channel if you know of any others.


A full blown arcmage game streamed on the ‘open source gaming’ twitch channel

By franzopow:
“Hey there! Today I am playing a card game on this channel for the first time.. ArcMage!! This is so awesome I can’t wait to play more 🙂
Thanks to Nico, which is the lead dev of the project, who played against me and answered a couple of questions! Hope you enjoy!”


Arcmage on LinuxGameCast (at 36’18”)


Very compelling article by Alex


Arcmage on fossgames


Arcmage on dailweb (In Polish)

Arcmage tweet by linux_spain


Praise for the wtactics/arcmage artwork on by Q_x