In February 2016, arcmage was founded, inspired on the then on hold open source project project. It lend many ideas discussed in their forum and wiki, and uses both artwork form wtactics and battle for wesnoth.

This is an attempt to give proper credit to all who contributed direct and indirectly. Most of the card rules, card templates, faction logo’s,  faction loyalty marks, stats logo’s are combined effort of several persons.

We tried our best  to pinpoint the exact person(s) responsible for creating what content, but due to the nature of  the combined effort this is sometimes impossible. The credits then go to the wtactics/arcmage team(s) as a whole, of course any feedback and corrections is welcome.

Wtactics contributors

  • snowdrop
  • santiago iborra
  • ngoeminne
  • peter
  • knitter
  • xarn
  • mattaiah

  • isharacomix
  • aspidites
  • gallaecio
  • vulture
  • q_x
  • ravenchild

Arcmage card fonts

Arcmage card svg templates

  • The cards’ background image maps are part of the BfW artwork
  • The old card back logo is part of the BfW artwork
  • The arcmage logo (Q_x)
  • Wtactics combined effort
    • Card back template (obsololete)
    • Card back template (ngoeminne)
    • Attack/defense logos
    • Red Banner creature template
    • Red Banner event template
    • Red Banner logo
    • Red Banner loyalty mark
    • Dark Legion creature template
    • Dark Legion event template
    • Dark Legion logo
    • Dark Legion loyalty mark
    • Gaian creature template
    • Gaian event template
    • Gaian logo
    • Gaian loyalty mark
    • House of Nobles event template (mainly mattaiah, input from others)
    • House of Nobles logo (mattaiah, ngoeminne)
  • House of Nobles creature template (ngoeminne)
  • Houe of Nobles loyalty mark (ngoeminne)
  • The Empire creature template (ngoeminne)
  • The Empire event template (ngoeminne)
  • The Empire logo (ngoeminne)
  • The Empire loyalty mark (ngoeminne)

Arcmage card Artwork

The artwork used in arcmage is obtained from both wtactics and battle for westnoth, see the license

Whenever you download a complete deck (zip-file) the detailed artwork and copyright is in the following files

  • README.txt
Furthermore each artist is credited in the cards information page
Arcmage / Wtactics artists
  • Santiago Iborra

Battle for Westnoth artists

  • Kathrin Polikeit
  • Chris Wilson
  • Emilien Rotival
  • Bora Orcal
  • doofus-01
  • For the artwork of the card ‘giant spider’ no artist could be found in the BfW repository.

Arcmage rules

Arcmage card rules

  • content (ngoeminne)
  • editorial set 1 to 4 (pistos, marieke)
  • editoral set 5 (eleanor, nico)
  • feedback, rephrasing, ideas (clemens, peter, desttinghim, jesusalva, snowdrop, nico)

Arcmage card translations

Arcmage boxes

Arcmage leaflet (for box)

Arcmage rollup banner

Arcmage video tutorials

Arcmage online card editor/generator

Arcmage online deck composition

Arcmage Aminduna game client

 Arcmage website

Wtactics wiki

As a courtesy Arcmage hosts the wtactics wiki infrastructure, but is not responsible for its content (although some of the arcmage contributors have also contributed on the wiki).
The wiki’s history is the best place to find out who contributed what.

Wtactics forum

As a courtesy Arcmage host the wtatcis forum infrastructure, but is not responsible for its content.
Each forum member is responsible for her/his own posts.

In the shadows

Of course a lot of work has been done by several persons of the wtactics and arcmage teams that didn’t result into content, but was never the less very important.
Here I’d like to thank all that worked in the shadow, doing pr-communications, wiki/forum/website maintenance, project management, art direction,  software development and so much more.

Thanks to all of you
– Nico Goeminne