Introduction (31″)

Small introduction to arcmage.org, and the wtactics.org open source card game community



The factions (1’28”)

Small introduction to the different factions in arcmage, how you can recognize them, what they stand for, and what strategies they use



Getting the cards (2’14”)

Explains how to browse the cards, what downloads are available and how you can get the print ready pre-constructed decks



Online Play Interaction Tour (15’29”)

A 15 min grand tour of our online game platform. It explains how to create an online game, and how to interact and use the interface.
The latest versions of Firefox, Edge and Chrome are supported.



Tutorial one: table layout, resources and playing a card (8’57”)

Explains how to organize your cards on the table, how you can convert cards in your hand to resources, and how these resources can be used to play a card.



Tutorial two: game prep & setup (4’00”)

Explains how to setup up the game before you start.



Tutorial three: card types & when and where to place them (6’40”)

Explains the different card types, and when and where you are allowed to play the card.



Tutorial four: Moving creatures (1’28”)

Explains how to move a creature from a city to the army, or from a city to another city.



Tutorial five: Combat & selecting an attack target (2’23”)

Explains what you can attack during your turn.



Tutorial six: Resolving Combat (3’42”)

Explains what creatures can be used for attacking, what creatures that can be used for defending, and how that is done.



Tutorial seven: Permanent, triggered and activate card abilities (3’52”)

Explains the different kinds of abilities that can be found on a card.



Tutorial eight: Turn structure (16’44”)

Explains the turn structure. It’s a bit lengthy because it runs through a couple of turns of both players. You’ll probably only need about 5′ to get it.



Tutorial nine: Cities & tactics (6’18”)

Explains how to gain Victory Points from your city and how to use your city to gain a tactical advantage.



Tutorial ten: The event stack (7’36”)

Explains the order in which events are resolved. Granted, this one of the most difficult things to understand in the game, however it adds player interaction and sudden shifts of balance.



Bonus: Arcmage on table top simulator

Show an example integration between the arcmage card/deck database and the table top simulator. Allowing Arcmage to be played on TTS.