Here’s the long long long road behind and ahead

December 2021

  • Final Revisions ‘Legends Set’
  • Batch production of ‘Legends Set’

Oktober – November 2021

  • Editing and proof print of ‘Legends Set’
  • Playtest rounds for ‘Legends Set’
  • First Ideas for Set 5 ‘Inspiration & Aspiration’

September 2021

  • Belgian Open Arcmage Championships
    • Organized by the Arcmage Arena Battle Group Ghent
  • Preparation for community building
  • New player groups

August 2021 (done)

  • Release of Set 4: ‘Shadow Waves’
  • Change working title ‘Legends Set’ to ‘Smooth Sailing’
  • Start artwork for ‘Smooth Sailing’

June – July 2021 (done)

  • First Ideas for for the ‘Legends Set’
    • This will be a smaller set without complete decks but with amazing single card addons
  • Batch production of ‘Rebirth Set’ (Forth print)
  • Batch production of ‘Enchanted Realm Set’ (Second print)
  • Batch production of ‘Shadow Waves Set’ (First print)

May 2021 (done)

  • Submit Non-Profit application
  • Arcmage at ‘Zomerspel’ (Summer Games Fair) when not cancelled. 

April 2021 (done)

  • Final Revisions ‘Shadow Waves’
  • Artwork for: Orcish Revolt (98%)
  • Aminduna 2.0 Release

March 2021 (done)

  • Playtest rounds for ‘Shadow Waves’
  • Artwork for: Orcish Revolt (95%)
  • Beta version of Aminduna 2.0
  • Final version of ‘Terms of Service’
  • Final version of ‘Fair Play Policy’
  • Final version of ‘Non-discrimination Policy’

Februari 2021 (done)

  • Draft of Non-Profit founding charter
  • Draft of Terms of Service for Arcmage websites, online games and card databases
  • Draft of Fair Play Policy
  • Draft of Non-discrimination Policy
  • Alpha version of Aminduna 2.0

Januari 2021 (done)

  • Preparation to turn Arcmage in a legal Non-Profit Organization under Belgian law
  • Start implementing Aminduna 2.0

October – November – December 2020 (done)

  • Final Revisions ‘New Horizons’
  • Batch production of ‘New Horizons’
  • Editing and proof print of ‘Shadow Waves’
  • Playtest rounds for ‘Shadow Waves’
  • Roadmap for Aminduna 2.0
    • upgrade to a state of the art open source stack
    • support markdown layout for cards
    • add language features for cards
    • add user account management

September 2020 (done)

  • Start on set IV ‘Shadow Waves’ mechanics
    • First full draft for: Keeping the Colors
    • First full draft for: Lucky Loser
    • First full draft for: Orcish Revolt
    • First full draft for: Creatures on Ice
    • First full draft for: Necormancing
  • Box for set ‘Shadow Waves’ 

August  – juli 2020 (done)

  • Revisions  for ‘New Horizons’
  • Second playtest rounds for ‘New Horizons’
  • Artwork for : Keeping the Colors
  • Artwork for: Lucky Loser 
  • Artwork for: Orcish Revolt (90%)
  • Artwork for: Creatures on Ice
  • Artwork for: Necormancing

June 2020 (done)

  • First ideas for set IV: ‘Shadow Waves’
    • Lucky Loser (Empire – theme: luck)
    • Keeping the Colors (House of Noble – theme: human elite wizards)
    • Orcish Revolt (Red Banner – theme: more orc )
    • Creatures on ice (Gaian – theme: winter and ice)
    • Necromancing (Dark Legion – theme: skeletons and bones)
  • Improved web shop
  • Improved online demo
    • intro/wait screen
    • coin flip / dice rol
    • better resource handeling
    • unmark all / reset resources
    • edge support (next to FF and chrome)

May 2020

  • Better/professional card/box production process (posponed)
  • First time on a game fair ‘Zomerspel’ (Summer Games) (Cancelled)

March 2020 – April 2020 (done)

  • Extended playtesting for the ‘New Horizons’ set
  • First idea for a single player format

Februari 2020 (done)

  • Editorial phase for ‘New Horizons’
  • First playtesting for the ‘New Horizons’ set

Januari 2020 (done)

  • Extended playtesting for  ‘Enchanted Realm’
  • Final Revisions ‘Enchanted Realm’
  • Batch production of ‘Enchanted Realm’

December 2019 (done)

  • First idea for a new Gaian deck: The Founders
  • First idea for a new Empire deck: The Dragon Army
  • Webshop (for the professional printed cards),
    • everything stays CC-BY-SA4 of course
    • per card/deck/set selling
    • checkout integration/online payment

October 2019 – November 2019 (done)

  • Final Revisions ‘Rebirth’
  • Start on third set ‘New Horizons’
    • Merfolks: On Higher Tides
    • Earthbound
    • Deadly Reptiles
  • Online play trough Tabletop Simulator integration
  • Set up crowd funding on liberapay.

September 2019: First Open European Arcmage Championship (done)

Juli 2019 – October 2019 (done)

  • New box design for set ‘Enchanted Realm’
  • Proof print and playtesting of ‘Enchanted Realm’ set
  • Increase social media / pr

May 2019  – June 2019 (done)

  • Artwork for : Enchanted World
  • Artwork for: Dunefolk
  • Artwork for: Merfolk
  • Artwork for: The Empire’s Thugs
  • Artwork for: Hydra’s Awakening

December 2018 – April 2019 (done):

  • Extended playtesting (early developers/adopters)
  • Card rules revision
  • Start on second set ‘Enchanted Realm’
    • First full draft Gaian deck: Enchanted World
    • First full draft Red Banner deck: Dunefolk
    • First full draft House of Nobles deck: Merfolk
    • First full draft Empire’s deck: The Empire’s Thugs
    • First full draft Dark Legion: Hydra’s Awakening

October 2018 (done):

  • Proof print of release candidates (done)
  • Production of twenty Rebirth Set Playtest Boxes
  • Ordering, sending and shipping

September 2018 (done):

  • Proof print of box
  • Artwork for the Brothers in Arms deck
  • Final editing phase of all Rebirth Set cards

August 2018 (done):

  • Revisiting rules, one major rule change (building/foundation of cities)
  • First full draft House of Nobles deck : Toll of Time
  • First full draft Red Banner deck: The Uprising
  • First full draft Dark Legion deck: Shadow League
  • First full draft Empire’s deck: Brothers in Arms
  • New arcmage logo
  • New card back
  • First draft/design of box
  • First full editing phase of all Rebirth Set cards

Januari 2017 – Juli 2018 (done):

  • First idea of a House of Nobles deck : Toll of Time
  • First idea of a Red Banner deck: The Uprising
  • First idea of a Dark Legion deck: Shadow League
  • First idea of a Empire’s deck: Brothers in Arms
  • Several play test rounds
  • Revisiting rules, one major rule change (removal of players victory points)

December 2016 (done):

  • First print-proof of the decks
  • Release Gaian Love for Life  and Uneasy Alliance deck for semi-public playtesting (to ourselves -the devs- and possible early adopters)

November 2016 (done):

  • Reformation of wtactics into a general card/board game dev community with focus on idea and resource sharing
  • Foundation of as a separate card game
  • Playable and stable rule set : the ARC (as stable as it can be)
  • 2 pre-constructed decks, a single factions deck and a multi factions deck
    • Gaian Love for Life (Gaia)
    • Uneasy Alliance (Red Banner & Dark Legion)

Februari 2016 – oktober 2016 (done):

  • Reboot of the wtactics project after several years of inactivity
  • Resource gathering (artwork files, documents, source code)
  • Retrospective on the wtactics project: lessons learned
  • Going forward: creating two per-constructed decks and a coherent ARC rule set