New Horizons Set


New Horizons Set

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Arcamge Set 3 – New Horizons

The third core set of our libre fantasy style strategic card game Arcmage.

As you battle your opponents summoning creatures and casting spells, you’ll have to defend your cities, manage your resources and power supply and conjure up a strategical plan to beat your opponents. Will you be the one that brings order to the warring factions in Irdiya? Will you challenge all and utter the words ‘Amin duna, ilya lanta’?

This turn based game allows a player to gather resources, build cities, cast and move creatures, recruit an army, play magic spells or interrupt an opponents’ play. Each turn the player may launch an attack on an a target city. On opponents’ turns players may have to bravely defend their cities against the marauding enemy’s army. Lose all of your cities and you’re out of the game.

Following the tradition of many great CCG’s, the game supports both casual as in depth strategic game play. Furthermore it offers an unique resource system and adds a spatial dimension that lets the player decide how and where to deploy their creatures.


  • In the box: 250 cards / 5 decks + Rules leaflet

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