Do-It-Yourself Cards

Get ready to play in a few simple steps:

  1. Download a deck or the entire set from our main page (zip/pdf)
  2. Print (or have them print on 350 gram satin paper)
  3. Cut Cards 90mm x 64mm (trim the cards by 2mm on each side)
  4. Sleeve & Play
  • The last page of the deck-pdf is the backside of the cards
  • You can also browse our card database, and download the pdf for a single card

Consider ordering our hard copy boxes instead.

  1. You shouldn’t, if you like to print & cut the cards yourself
  2. You should, if you’d like to support us, or are not into the DIY approach (order here)

What is in a single box?

“Complete Rebirth Set” (first print)

  • The Gaian Love for Life deck (45 cards)
  • The Uneasy Alliance deck (45 cards)
  • The Uprising deck (45 cards)
  • The Toll of Time deck (45 cards)
  • The Shadow League deck (45 cards)
  • The Borthers in Arms deck (45 cards)
  • Token cards (15 cards)
  • Rules Leaflet
  • Notice that the cards have our new back
  • Price : 23.00 euro (est) + shipping costs
  • Notice these are play-test cards under development, they are good looking and playable but are not officially released, nor finished and might change in future

“Gaian Love for Life” vs. “Uneasy Alliance” (first print – no longer available)

  • The Gaian Love for Life deck (45 cards)
  • The Uneasy Alliance deck (45 cards)
  • A couple of blank cards with printed backs (so you can invent your own card)
  • Notice that the cards are slightly different then the once online
  • Notice that the cards have our old back
  • Price : 8 euro + shipping costs

Pricing info/cost structure


  • Boxes are hand made, it takes about 15 mins for one.
  • Cards are hand made rounded, it takes about 15 min to do 6 decks


  • Boxes are produced by batches to reduce the printing costs
  • Cards are printed on 350gr satin quadri recto/verso paper (by
  • Leaflets are printed on 130gr satin quadri recto/verso paper (by
  • One ‘Complete Rebirth Set’ cost contains: card print cost, leaflet print cost, box print cost and box material cost
  • We take no sales-margin on the production costs, and our work is for free, however you could consider to sponsor us.
BatchNumber of itemsNumber of printsCost (excl tax)Cost (incl 21% tax)Single BoxPrice per card
2 decks, first print201800132.19 euro160 euro8 euro0.0888 euro
Rebirth set, first print (est.)205700305.58 euro369.75 euro18.49 euro0.0648 euro
Rebirth box, first print3264 (lid+box)51.54 euro62.36 euro1.95 euroN/A
Rebirth box, material3264 (lid+box)28.01 euro34.00 euro1.06 euroN/A
Rebirth box, leaflet202025.31 euro30.63 euro1.53 euroN/A


Sponsor / donate

  • Have you seen our amazing artwork? Well that’s no coincidence.
  • Our artist is the only one getting paid a small fee for his work, all the rest of us are in it entire voluntary
  • When you acquire a box you could consider to donate a small amount
    • A ‘well done’ : 3 euro
    • A ‘carry on’ : 10 euro
    • A ‘card’s artwork ‘ : 35 euro
    • A ‘deck’s artwork’ : 750 euro
    • An ‘I want to contribute (my ideas, my time)’ : priceless
  • When you’d like to become a premium sponsor, consider our crowd finding at liberapay
  • We pledge that the income will go solely into acquiring new card art, and that this art is given back to the open source community